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What is the Duct Bank its Uses Types and Installation Method

Definition of Duct Bank Its Uses Types And Installation Method

In this article, I explain the Definition of duct banks. uses of duct bank |Types of duct bank and method of installation of duct bank definition of Duct Bank |Uses of Duct Bank |Types of Duct Bank |Installation Method of Duct Bank. What Is The Duct Bank its Uses Types And Installation Method


In simplest terms, a conduit bank provides a defended pathway for buried electrical or data lines. The lines are housed within PVC pipes called conduits, which are also boxed in sword-corroborated concrete.

This may carry string a short distance, similar to under a road, or longer distances, similar to carrying electrical power from a power generating source to transmission stations artificial and public installations. expansive conduit bank string systems are frequently needed to route electrical lines under and within data centers, artificial and manufacturing installations, hospitals, rail lines, airfields roadways, and more Reinforced concrete placed around PVC conduits protects electrical lines from rainfall, seismic stress, erosion, temperature axes, and vandalization to help breakage and failure. The conduit arrangement allows for easy string relief via the conduit bank ends through access at mileage structures or at the face after vertical runs turn perpendicular through a perpendicular bend or “end-up”.

How To Insure Proper Duct Bank Installation

Like utmost construction styles, conduit banks bear proper installation to insure performance and long-term continuity.

Installation of conduit banks is a multi-step process that involves construction labor that’s knowledgeable and professed in each step of the installation process fosse and coverlet medication must insure safe working conditions and give stability and structural support for the conduit bank Conduits must be duly aligned, and joints must be cemented Steel underpinning must be precisely placed Concrete must meet the design conditions High- quality with heat dissipating parcels Sufficiently strong.

Duct Bank Construction Styles/Method

Stick erected ” or “ Cast- in- place ” system The current system for installing conduit banks is a clumsy and lengthy process

1- The civil contractor lodgings and props up the fosse.

2-Electrical and instruments cable installs the PVC conduits and spacers, icing proper distance at all times.

3- The civil or electrical contractor cuts, bends, and installs sword underpinning.

4- The electrical or carpenter crew builds forms to insure the concrete is placed around the conduits.

5- Also the concrete must be ordered, listed, and dispatched, which may include concrete thermal resistivity testing; the concrete delivery truck arrives at the fosse ( some areas have no access then we use the concrete pump and fill the concrete in the conduit, and air pockets removed.

6- when we fill, the concrete must cure at least overnight or until the concrete will get complete strength so then we can remove the formwork and cover all empty backfill with backfill materials. 

Types of Installation

Rainy conditions or indurating temperatures can delay concrete placement. basicly two main types of installation conduit or duct bank. there is mention in below,.

Cast-in-place conduit bank

Pre-fabrication of conduit

Cast-in-place conduit bank

Conduit bank construction styles, but still present challenges. This process starts with digging and preparing the fosse. Electrical contractors pre-assemble conduit pratfalls, racks, and end-ups in a fabrication shop and transport them to the design point, where the conduit subassemblies are installed along with sword underpinning. After the assemblies are placed, the way is the same for erecting the concrete forms, ordering and cataloging the concrete, pouring, removing the forms, and backfilling.

Pre-fabrication of Conduit Bank

Prefabrication does reduce onsite conduit bank construction time with prefabrication, the PVC conduits are spaced duly and ready to go when the point is ready. But the needed care, and implicit detainments, of the concrete pour, remain the same for conduit bank installation.

Labor costs may be the same or further to incorporate the spacers and conduits into modular sub-assemblies that can be handled as larger units. outfit to handle the modular factors must be suitable to pierce the fosse and place the factors into position. The connection of individual conduit joints may be grueling as the conduit isn’t fluently manipulated within the module.

Pre-Cast Duct Banks

An ultramodern system for Installing. Conduit Sizes Straight sections are handed in lengths that are fluently handled by construction outfits, chopstick lifts, and backhoes generally on point. Precast Duct Bank Installation Vertical bends also known as end ups, can also be handed aspire-cast conduit bank sections furnished in a variety of conduit sizes and configurations. Pre-cast conduit banks allow for new construction ways that deliver the most feasible, dependable, safer, and cost-effective means of installing conduit banks.

The performing edge reduces the cost of labor, reduces the impact of rainfall, and ameliorates worker safety.  With pre-cast conduit banks, it isn’t uncommon to install a 500ft long run of 25 conduits(,500 ft of conduit) in lower than eight hours.

What benefits of Precast Duct Banks?

The time savings and performance assurances brought by pre-cast conduit banks are felt across nearly the entire design platoon, serving the design mastermind, installation contractor, and design proprietor.

Project Owner

For design possessors,pre-cast conduit banks help reduce overall construction costs while significantly reducing on-point construction time and good quality work as par standard.

Faster installation reduces on-point labor Needs and costs

The impact of rainfall-related detainments is reduced so systems can get started when demanded, and finish sooner harmonious concrete thermal parcels improves heat dispersion and performance of underground lines,

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