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Definition and Different Types of Surveying

Definition And Different Types Of Surveying

In This Article, I discuss Surveying Definition. Different Types Of Surveying. Surveying is primarily Types. Land Surveying Types According To Filed Nature. Types of Surveying According To An Object. Types of  Surveying According To using Instruments. Different Types According to Method of Surveying

Definition of Surveying

Surveying is a means of making precise, fairly large-scale measurements of the Earth’s crust. This includes defining dimensional data, reducing and interpreting it into a usable form, and again establishing relative position and size based on certain dimensional conditions.

Surveying is primarily Types

  1. Plane Table Surveying
  2. Geodetic Surveying

Plane Table Surveying

Plane Table Surveying surveying is a type of survey in which the center of the earth is considered to be a plane and the spherical shape is ignored. All triangles formed by check lines are considered plane
triangles. The position line is considered straight and all raised lines are considered resemblant. In everyday life were are concerned with a small portion of the earth’s face and the below hypotheticals seem to be reasonable in the light of actual fact that the length of a bow 12 kilometers long lying in the earth’s face is only 1 cm lesser than the subtended passion and farther that the difference between the total of the angles in a flat triangle and the total of those in a globular triangle is only one alternate for a triangle at the earth’s face having an area of 195sq. km.

Geodetic Surveying

Geodetic Surveying is a type of surveying that is used for the image of the earth is taken into register. All lines lying in the face are twisted lines and the triangles are globular triangles. It thus involves globular trigonometry. All Geodetic checks include work of larger magnitude and a high degree of perfection. The object of the geodetic check is to determine the precise position on the face of the earth, of a system of extensively distant points which form control stations to which checks of lower perfection may appertain.

The bracket of surveying checks may be digressively classified under no. of headlines which define the uses or purpose of performing charts.

Types according to the nature of the field. There are three types of surveying grounded upon the nature of the field which are as follows

Land Surveying Types According To Filed Nature

i) Topographical check

ii) Cadastrial Survey

iii) Cities Survey

It usually involves natural or man-made features on land similar to gutters, aqueducts, lakes, wood, hills, roads, railroads, conduits, municipalities, water force systems, structures & parcels, etc.

Marine Surveying

Marine or marine verification involving bodies of water for navigational purposes, water forces, harbor yards or to determine the mean position of the ocean. The work includes determining the discharge size of aqueducts, conducting topographical checks of supports and banks, implementing and locating probes to determine water depth and observe water changes. oscillations of ocean drift.

Astronomical Surveying

The astronomical check offers the surveyor a means of determining the absolute position of any point or the absolute position of and direction of any line on the face of the earth. This consists of compliance to the heavenly bodies similar to the sun or any fixed star.

Types of Surveying According To An Object

Geological Surveying

Mine Surveying

Archaeological surveying

Military surveying

Types of  Surveying According To Using Instruments

Chain Survey

Compass Survey

Plane Table Survey

Theodolite Survey

Tacheometric Survey

Photographic Survey

Different Types According to Method of Surveying

surveying can be distributed into

Triangulation surveying

Traverse surveying.

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