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How To Calculate The Height of Building With Auto Level

How To Calculate The Height of Building With Auto Level

In this Article I will explain How to calculate the building height with level machine. Building height or any other structure we can calculate the height with the auto level machine.

Part of Auto Level Machine

when we use the auto level machine must be know the part of auto level and how to use this machine. This equipment is related to surveying job and surveyor know better to use this machine. parts of level machine is mentioned bellow.

Auto level

This is auto level machine and also called dumpy level this machine is use for leveling this machine is move only on horizontal way up to 360 degree.

Target (Triangle shape Glass)

Object Glass

Eyes Glass

Object Focusing Screw

Horizontal Circle Plate

Tribrach Plate

Foot Screw

Slow Motion Screw

Target (Triangle shape Glass)

This is small glass fix on the top site and in the this glass have small triangle. we use this glass to set the target of the object.

Object Glass

This is main big glass front site of the level machine and use to see the object like and structure like building etc.

Eyes Glass

This is the small glass which is use to check the all thing with eyes and with this glass also have small screw for focusing of collimation line and set that to the center of the staff rod.

Object Focusing Screw

This screw location on the right site of machine and this screw is use for focus to the object and use for clear image to the object.

Horizontal Circle Plate

This plate is bottom site above the leveling screw. on this plate is mention all degree and this plate is also use for reading the angle.

Tribrach Plate 

This plate is the bottom plate bellow to leveling screw. This plate is main plate to fix on the tripod stand.

Foot Screw/ Leveling screw

This screw use for leveling. some location we cannot do the level machine with tripod stand then we use this screw for leveling.

Slow Motion Screw 

This screw is use for slow motion for the machine  because when the target the object and then use this screw for center to fix.

Tripod Stand

This stand is use for fixing the survey machine like auto level total station GPS etc.

Staff Rod

This rod is same like meter tape. on this staff rod both site mention reading or measurement one site have in foot and other site in milli meter. this rod is use for leveling or find height.

Calculate The Height of Building With Auto Level

when we need to find the height of building with auto level first we need to setting the level machine and then fellow to next step.

First of all we need to setting the machine. setting means open the tripod for required height and the install on the ground and the open the level machine and install at the tripod stand and do the leveling with the help of tripod legs and foot screw.

When complete the leveling then we send one parson with the staff rod on the given elevation means bench mark we read the reading means back sight on that point and then plus with given bench mark. suppose

bench mark =B.M= 100m

backsight  = B.S = 1.25m

Height of instruments (means height from the bottom) H.I = 100+1.25 = 101.25m

Now put the staff of the bottom of the building which one need to find the height. then take reading note that reading and then putt the staff in the inverted position. means the bottom site of the staff rod put on the top site of the building and open all staff length. if staff length is short then put the measuring tape start from the top of building to bottom then take the reading and plus both reading.

First reading = 1.50m

Second reading = 11.50m

Height of building = 1.50 + 11.50 = 13m

This is all step to find the building of height with auto level. This is interview question so keep in mind this all steps.

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